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About Us

Morris concrete designs was created by Matthew Morris and his obsession to create the finest works of concrete art and showcase its many faces.

“the real beauty of concrete is its limitless properties and its ability to create whatever you want”

I was in the construction industry fresh out of school where i gained qualifications in bricklaying working for my stepfather in his construction business learning from the ground up.

After reading about a job in cast stone, curiosity got the better of me and i decided to change my construction path. This was where the obsession started.

Once I started working with moulds and casting that was it, working with a material that was just sand and cement that were nothing on their own but being able to transform it to a solid form was mind blowing and so as they started using concrete I naturally couldn’t take myself away from reading about it and the crazy things people were doing with something that flowed as apposed to being compressed, I was completely hooked from then on and I haven’t stopped since. I was very fortunate to work and learn every aspect of concrete with the pioneers of the UK concrete industry and before we even started our own journey, I was lucky enough to work on some really exciting projects and challenges.

It was just a natural progression to do my own thing and after sitting down in 2016 we decided to start work on our own creations and 2017 became the year we officially became Morris concrete designs and we’ve been creating concrete art for the home every day since.